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How to Smooth Out Workflow and Increase Productivity

OmniBuild_Pack Shot

Woodshops that are looking to reduce bottlenecks in the booth and increase production, may be interested in OmniBuild™ Pro from Chemcraft. Dubbed the ‘smooth operator’, it’s a conversion varnish primer/surfacer that is specifically designed to tackle challenging substrate variables – including routed MDF and solid wood. It builds a remarkably thick and smooth foundation for top-coating interior woodwork, and its high-solids formula provides superior build, sag resistance and hide.

OmniBuild Pro has distinct advantages over the competition. Thanks to its easy-to-apply superior build and fast stack time because it’s quick to sand, the primer benefits users who are looking for a production-friendly product. Other benefits include a true 24-hour pot-life, impressive hold-out and film build, minimal shrinkage, and an outstanding vertical hand that provides superior sag resistance. It also works seamlessly with CHEMLIFE® 24 and CHEMLIFE® 24 PLUS high-quality, post-catalyzed conversion varnishes to deliver optimum results as part of a complete coating system.

  Standard primer under topcoat (Left), OmniBuild Pro under topcoat (Right)

  Standard primer under topcoat (Left), OmniBuild Pro under topcoat (Right)

In addition to being easy to sand, OmniBuild Pro reduces sanding burn-through on edges. It has high solids (63% by weight and 44% by volume), and impressive dry times. At room temperature (68°F), it becomes tack-free in ten to fifteen minutes, dry to sand in twenty to thirty minutes, and dry to stack in two to three hours. In a forced dry at 122°F, it can be sanded in fifteen to twenty minutes and stacked in less than an hour. It’s applied in one or two coats and sanded using 240/320 grit stearated paper between coats. The second and subsequent coats are applied the same day as the previous coat is sanded.


OmniBuild Pro Primer has a 12-month shelf life, a long pot-life, and a quick stack time – all of which combine to make it very production-friendly. This is the new performance standard in varnish priming.

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