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Improve Your Sanding Operation in 2022

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For more than twenty years, Sand Pro sanding tables and booths have been helping woodworking shops of every size clear the air of fine dust. The result is a safer, more efficient, and more desirable work environment. Fine sanding dust left uncaptured can be hazardous for employees who are exposed to it, detrimental to the quality of work, bad for employee retention, and a potential fire hazard. In woodshops that finish in-house, a clean work area is absolutely essential for a perfect finish. Sand Pro tables and booths are perfectly designed for both raw wood sanding and scuff sanding between coats of primer, paint, or clearcoat.

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Sand Pro sanding tables do something critical – they collect fine dust at its source before it becomes airborne and floats up to the user’s face. The tables are extremely user-friendly, feature powerful downdrafts, and come in eight different sizes. Among the customizable features are adjustable height, built-in storage, and hangers for orbital sanders.

Also from SandMan Products is the Sand Pro SBP108 sanding booth, which is a self-contained, portable, 9300 CFM sanding station for furniture and bulky items that are too large for downdraft tables. A powerful backdraft pulls dust away from the employee, and hinged side panels can be quickly adjusted to change the configuration of the booth. Servicing the filters is quick and easy, especially with the optional filter cleaning hood.

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To complete your sanding re-tool for 2022, Sand Pro inspection lights save time and money by revealing scratches and mars at the optimal time, thus avoiding costly rework. The lights don’t just work for sanding tables, they’re also highly beneficial when wide-belt sanding and in quality control. They have built-in adjustable tilting, fast height adjustment, and low heat output. Plus, they run on standard 110V current.


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