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Introducing the Spax Trim Screws

SPAX® POWERTRIM™ fasteners are the perfect finish solution that virtually disappear for clean interior and exterior trim applications

SPAX® T-STAR plus Trim Head fastener with white HCR® (High Corrosion Resistance) coating are designed for use in both interior and exterior wood connection applications. These finishing trim fasteners are designed to countersink for a clean-flush and near “hidden” finish. Cylindric TrimHead with T-Star plus drive provides superior bit engagement to eliminate camming out and facilitates single hand driving plus a flush/clean finish. Cold-rolled “carbon steel” wire heat treated to grade 5 durability and coated with a white or yellow HCR® (High Corrosion Resistance) coating system. The reverse thread design is for composite materials while the partial thread works great in traditional materials.


Patented thread serrations dramatically in crease installation speed. 

UNIQUE 4CUT™ Point prevents splitting and requires no pre-drilling.

SPAX POWWERTRIM Cylindric TrimHead


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