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Origin + Workstation: Your All-In-One Precision Workshop

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Workstation is an all-in-one fixturing solution designed specifically for Origin users. When used in tandem with Origin, Workstation gives users the freedom to cut endgrain, fixture and reliably index against unwieldy workpieces, and efficiently and accurately perform repeated cutting operations with dead certain indexing and alignment.

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Whether you’re cutting finger joints with the Box Joint Basic—Origin’s ontool box joint creator— or designing and cutting perfectly mating mortise and tenons, Workstation’s versatile alignment options, partner with Origin’s Grid tool and Workspace memory.

Simply fixture your workpiece, scan the area, and create a Grid to align your cut file. Cut your joint, swap out fresh stock, and cut again. Origin recognizes the ShaperTape on Workstation’s body and records your paths and all your cut history.

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Say goodbye to rigid joinery machines and templates; Origin + Workstation brings reliable precision to any endgrain cutting operation, making even the most complex joinery a reliable, and intuitive task.

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