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Shaper adds Workstation for complete cutting system

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Workstation is the latest product developed by Shaper Tools, the company behind Origin. Workstation is designed to be a complete workholding and fixturing solution for any cutting operation that needs Origin’s precision. Every surface is high-grade, durable cast aluminum carefully machined with interlocking supports and clamps that can accommodate virtually any shape of workpiece and workholding configuration.

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Workstation has been on Shaper’s drawing board since Origin was first released, and the final version of the fixture is the result of countless hours of in-house testing and feedback from Origin users around the world. It’s designed to address the most common workflow friction points that users report, and to make the most of Origin’s unique strengths and capabilities, making it an instant force multiplier for all your Origin-centric workflows.

Just like Origin, Workstation is designed to be portable and adapt to users’ workflows, however and wherever they work. Workstation reemphasizes Shaper’s ethos to make CNC-level precision available and accessible to a much wider range of users than ever before.

And because Workstation is designed specifically for cutting with Origin, its usefulness will continue to keep pace with Origin as its software develops. Shaper Origin’s continuous system updates continue to add features, performance improvements and capabilities, meaning that it’s the only power tool that gets better with age.

And Workstation’s durability and intelligent design guarantee that it will become an immediately essential part of any shop that relies on Origin’s precision.

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