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Shaper Origin: The Traditionalist’s Answer to CNC

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Philip Morley is proud to be old-fashioned when it comes to his work. “Everything has been done before,” he says. “If something is super original, well, it’s probably ugly.” But this respect for tradition doesn’t blind Morley to the value of new tools and techniques when they can benefit his work.

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Phil relies on Origin to streamline his design process, giving him the freedom to make small changes to a prototype or template on the fly, without the workflow interruption of a traditional gantry CNC machine.

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This makes him more efficient during the design stages of his work, giving him the freedom to stay in his flow and focus on the aspects of his work that matter most to him. His Origin will never replace his hand tools and he wouldn’t want it to. “Every tool I have in this shop is designed to do a job well, do it safely, and to save me time.”

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