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Take two

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Whenever I buy accessories or small tools, I really should buy two at once. It’d save a lot of time.

And you’re probably thinking, what A.J. means is that he can put one of them in one spot in the shop and the other in a different spot, and that way there’s one always close at hand. Excellent deduction on your part but, sadly, way wrong. That’d be a great deduction for a normal woodworker, but not me.

I constantly lose things. That’s not a big deal for things like tape measures or screwdrivers, since I own a couple dozen of each. No, I’m talking about things you usually only get one of, like a set of screw extractors or a digital angle gauge. When I lose something like that I typically search for days, then give up and buy another one. Upon getting home and pulling the new one out of the bag, the lost one instantly reappears.

So the way I see it, all I need to do is buy two, but leave the second one in the bag. Then, when I lose the first one I can grab that bag, pull the backup out and presto, the lost one will magically return.

This will work, right?



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